Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democrats: it's time to channel Howard Beale

It's the dawn of the third day of the Democratic National Convention, and so far we've seen a parade of Washington politicians patting themselves on the back while saying, "vote for Obama."

Where's the CHANGE in this inside-the-beltway perspective? Where's the HOPE in this self-indulgent display? Is Barack Obama receiving a show of respect and admiration from the rank and file of his party when the speech writers and candidates endorsing him seem more concerned with allaying what they imagine are the fears of borderline bigots and voters mired in status quo thinking than taking on the opposition, or the issues?

My advice to Obama ... Start channeling Howard Beale. Imagine this scene happening today, with Obama's social networking, e-mail, mobile text and blogging connections added to the network coverage at the convention.

Do you want to win the election Obama? Right now, John McCain is doing a better job of saying, "Washington is broken" than you are. It's time to stop gazing off at some vision of grandeur in the distance and presenting CHANGE and HOPE as platitudes.

Go ahead Barack, let us know it's O.K. to be mad as hell. Tell your D.C. cohorts on the floor that their constituents are not going to take it anymore. That once you're sworn in, THEY'LL be the ones changing. That they can forget partying with glamorous celebrities, junkets in corporate jets and clubish glad-handing in the cloak rooms while legislation remains gridlocked by partisan floor fights. Tell them to cease patronage up and down the ranks of the parties and open the way for new blood. Tell them we're tired of gerrymandered primary elections and that they can give up on any ideas of future political dynasties until what's broken with energy, social security, health care, foreign policy, taxes, trade, etc., etc, is fixed. What are they going to do, take the nomination back?

Tell them you're the new CEO of "Mad as Hell." If you do this, you'll win the general election in a landslide.

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