Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Small-caps in South Beach... Now that's sexy!

It's 33 day's until the next ValueRich Small-cap Financial Expo in Miami (March 27-28, 2007) and I can hardly wait.

ValueRich Expos are very high energy, financial networking events that feature 50 small-cap public companies to an audience of roughly 1,000 buyside and investment banking professionals. The CEOs and management teams of the companies are available non-stop at office-like exhibition areas throughout the event and they also make Web cast financial presentations.

Beyond that, we have plenty of lavish networking and social activities. This year, we're taking the whole group to the famous Shore Club at South Beach. The Florida Marlins Mermaids will be on site throughout the event ... last year it was the Dolphins Cheerleaders (see myself and my beautiful wife Kayla with them above). And we will have a special guest actress who is our new spokesperson on site as well.

If you are an investment banker, fund manager, money manager, institutional investor or public company officer, you owe it to yourself to join us in Miami ... even if it is just to see how it's possible to really create excitement and results around micro- and small-cap companies. And make some great connections and have a good time, of course.

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