Monday, November 29, 2010

Leslie Nielsen not Drebin for me

No doubt about it. Leslie Nielsen can be thought of as the American Peter Sellers. He earned his place in comedic hierarchy by playing clueless characters in spoofs like Airplane and the Naked Gun series during the latter part of his career.

But I'm sorry. Every time I see a Frank Drebin clip, my subconscious mind won't let it pass without recalling this film. It must have made a big impression on me at an early age. I guess Nielsen will always be Commander John J. Adams of the United Planets Cruiser C-57D for me.

Given Nielsen's obvious dry sense of humor, I'd bet they had a blast on the set while making Forbidden Planet ... especially the way it reeks of 50's-era veiled sexuality.

It's interesting to note that the film seems to have made a big impression on Spielberg as well. This trailer is remarkably similar to the opening titles for Star Wars.

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