Monday, July 25, 2011

Deficit Attention Disorder

My cartoon in yesterday's Palm Beach Daily News.

The only possible excuse the GOP and Dems can give for their missed opportunities and posturing is, "It must have been the heat." Otherwise, we'd all be convinced that this risky and deleterious right-up-to-the-last-possible-instant debt ceiling brouhaha was about maneuvering for the greatest campaign advantage with the least political fallout.

The harsh reality is that, even if and when they do reach a deal, we're still left with a jobs vacuum, unfair trade practices championed by our own major corporations, mounds of debt, budget-busting entitlement liabilities, governments worldwide that can only move in the direction of austerity, a broken banking system, worthless property rights, valueless currency and a dysfunctional and obviously compromised Congress dominated by two private clubs that are forever scrapping for the largest part of a rotting slice of pie.

How they can continue to call this a "recovery" is beyond me, or any of the rest of the American public. But they obviously don't seem to understand that we're onto them or, in their hubris, don't care.

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